Thursday, August 28, 2014

Podcast Interview of Me (Susan Kaye Quinn) on Bitter w/o You

Fun interview with Moi and the Bitter w/o You guys wherein I talk about my books and read a short passage from Debt Collector Season One!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Which Non-Fiction Book Should I Write Next? (Vote!)

If I were to write another non-fiction book on writing or publishing, which would be the most helpful to you?

1) 30 DAYS OF INSPIRED WRITING - short 1-page-per-day inspirational essays to juice your writing (geared toward NaNoWriMo, but could be used anytime)

2) FOR LOVE OR MONEY: Crafting a Career in Indie Publishing - practical, up-to-date tips focused on creating a career, not the mechanics or beginner-steps of indie publishing

3) SELF-PUBLISHING ISN'T ROCKET SCIENCE (and I would know) - the quick-n-dirty guide to getting started, barebones basics of what you need to know

4) HUNTING DOWN YOUR WRITING FEARS (With A Steak Knife) - a book about the different stages of fear in writing and publishing and how to overcome them

Writer-friends, please weigh in below, and tag any other writer-friends in the comments who might be interested! (-thanks to Graeme Ing for the nudge)

**Originally posted here on Facebook, but I'm curious to see what the votes are on the blog as well!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Starting Is Hard

Starting a new book.

Starting a new chapter.

Starting to write for the first time that day.

Starting to write for the first time after a long (or even short) absence from writing.

"An object in motion will remain in motion; an object at rest will stay at rest... unless acted upon by an external force." - Newton's First Law of Motion

I started writing every day partly to overcome the inertia that even a weekend off could induce. And I love to write - this isn't about the desire (or lack of desire) to get words on the page. The forces of darkness (Facebook, laundry, the endless to-do list) are constantly battling to keep you from starting. They are aided by fear (what is this chapter even about?), doubt (this novel is so freaking long, I'll never finish it), and anxiety (if I don't finish the book, then I can guarantee no one will read it) - the inner demons that are our own personal forces of darkness.

The forces of good are stronger, but sometimes they need a nudge.

Routines can help. I prefer a strong cup of tea, freshly cleaned glasses, and top-of-the-lungs singing of my preferred "get started" song (currently: Let It Go, from FROZEN). But when the routine becomes an excuse (I only have fifteen minutes to write... better not start!), then ditch that and just type.

In the end, the only way to start... is to start. Get those fingers in motion! Write anything, if you don't know what to write. When my kids were small, I had them write in a journal every day during the summer. When they complained "I hate writing!" I told them to write that... until they filled the page or came up with something better.

They quickly came up with something better.

So will you.