Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Do It Fast vs. Get It Right

This blog is about great books for kids, mostly about reading them, but occasionally about writing them as well.

I am hip deep in revisions on my Middle Grade Science Fiction book (working title: BYRNE RISK), but am taking some time to write a first draft of a YA (young adult) paranormal novel during NaNoWriMo - the frightening acronym that stands for National Novel Writing Month.

I have an ongoing discussion with my husband about whether it is best to Do It Fast or Get It Right - whether we're talking novels or engineering projects, I think the same arguments hold. Is it better to quickly get to the finish line on a project (write a novel, get a product to market, clean the basement) and then go back and fix up the problems, or take your time to get it right every step of the way?

NaNoWriMo is a full-bore advocate for Do It Fast. Write a 50,000 word novel in one month (November). And then spend the next six months revising. All my novels so far have been written the Get It Right way - write a chapter a week, revise and polish as you go, taking 6 mos to get to that final blessed chapter. But what I'm finding now, as I STILL have to do revisions, long after I've written that last line, is that maybe it's better to Do It Fast. So, I've jumped in with both feet and am banging out another novel (and still slogging through revisions on the first). I'm trying not to let my internal editor get in the way as I get the words on the page, and so far it's quite the adrenaline ride! Wish me luck.

NaNoWriMo is open to young writers as well. If you know some kids who like to Do It Fast, check it out!

And let me know: Do you like to Do It Fast? Or Get It Right?

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