Monday, September 6, 2010

And Thus Begins The Revolution

Me: Hello?

My dad: Happy Birthday! I got you a birthday present, but it's going to be late because it was back-ordered. It's a book.

Me: Books are good. Yanno, you wouldn't have that problem with an e-book (thus diving into our perpetual e-book discussion).

My dad: Yeah, you're never going to convert me to those. I like my paper books.

Me: Give me two years.

My dad: Huh? No. You'll never change my mind.

Me: Two years. I'm just warning you, yanno, so you see it coming.

My dad: Look, I'm reading these two books right now and you can't even GET them as e-books.

{we look them up; sure enough he's right}

Me: Well, six months ago, I couldn't get my kid's books on the Nook. When I came out to visit {last month} I loaded up the Nook with all kinds of books for all three of them (ages 7-11).

My dad: Really? Kids books?

Me: Yeah. So, I'll give your Vietnam-war-analysis author another 6 months or so. He'll have an e-book by then.

My dad: Well, I don't really buy books - I just get them from the library. I sign up for them as soon as they come out and check them out when they come available.

Me: You know you can borrow e-books from the library, right?

My dad: Really?

Me: Two years, Dad. I'm just sayin ...

My dad: We'll see ...


  1. It's hard to let go of what you know. I swear - I didn't mean for that to rhyme :-)

  2. Ha, I'm curious to know if he'll ever convert. I haven't. Yet:)

  3. @Sheri Indeed ...

    @Lori Ha! You know you can't stop yourself with the rhyming! :)

    @Lisa Two years ... :)

  4. Ha ha ha! You'll have to keep us posted. :-)

  5. @Shannon My dad's the BEST! And he's very good natured about our sparring... :)

  6. LOL! Funny guy. But I didn't know you could get e-books at the library either! Thanks for telling me.

    I read in PW recently that kid's ebook sales are huge, making up most of the profit. That shocked me... who can afford to buy a kindle/nook/ipad for their kids?

  7. @Jackee I bought my Nook for ME (actually the hubs bought it - I was committed to waiting out the tech wars, but he thought I should be in there fighting *smirks*). But now that I have it, it's easy to loan it to the kids, especially when it keeps them busy reading in the car, plane, vacation ... I'd say, between the three of them, I've bought more books for them than for me. :)


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