Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple Happiness

Worm Burner and I made this lovely apple pie. He was in charge of the apple picking, ingredient measuring, and crust pinching. I manned (womaned?) the rolling pin and the apple slicer. Together we made quite a team, not to mention dessert.

There's a lot of literacy skills and math that goes into an apple pie. That giant cookbook was definitely not written at the fourth grade reading level, and the difference between a tablespoon (big T) and a teaspoon (small t) is substantial when you're talking about nutmeg. But Worm Burner managed to plow through it and the result was a slice of fall happiness.

Worm Burner is as skilled with the power tools as he is in the kitchen. I'm thinking he's going to make some lucky girl a fine husband some day.


  1. I'm making apple tarts tonight - one with cloves in it and the other with blackberries and a smidgen of cinnamon for flavour. Yummy. I have a recipe on my blog for apple and also my rhubarb tarts.All the best, Catherine

  2. @Catherine That sounds awesome. Love the blackberries!

  3. That pie looks absolutely incredible!! Yum yum.

  4. Mmm... homemade apple pie... wanna come see the Canadian Rockies? With another pie? Please? ;)

  5. That pie looks delicious!
    There's nothing like fall for baking. I spent my Sunday in the kitchen, too :)

  6. hi miss susan! wow that post made me happy sad. it got me remembering my mom being in the kitchen wearing her yellow apron and baking a scrumptilicious apple pie and thats the happy part. it got me sad for her not being here any more to make one of those yummy pies. so now that you got my mouth all watery you just gotta send me a big piece of that neat lookin pie.
    ...smiles and hugs from lenny

  7. @DL I used to live the in US Rockies, and still miss it! A beautiful mountain view and some apple pie ... don't be surprised if I show up. :)

    @Sherrie I'll bet your kids loved it! :)

    @Lenny Oh, Lenny, that makes me sad too. And happy that your mom made those memories for you, while she could. It reminds me to make sure I take the time for memory making, so thank you for that. I wish I could send you a piece, but I'm afraid it would look like the cats mauled it by the time it got to you!

    Be well, little man!

  8. That looks so good that I think I need to make pie. Today.


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