Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Head Rush

If you haven't heard about the new spin-off of the Myth Busters show, Head Rush, well you need to check it out!

Kari Byron does an awesome job of talking about the science behind the wildly popular (at least in my house) Myth Busters experiments, where stuff gets blown up, shredded, pressurized, and melted, all in search of busting myths like Is Shooting Fish in a Barrel Easy? and Can Roaches Really Survive a Nuclear Explosion?

Tell me you don't want to know!

Head Rush even surpasses Myth Busters by achieving my own personal trifecta of awesome: 1) it's science, 2) you blow stuff up, and 3) it's run by a girl.

OK, maybe I'm a little biased in that last one, but still.

My boys can't get enough of it, which I think should put the lie to boys not being interested just because a girl is involved. Frankly, I think that's why my husband watches it too.

I believe this equally applies to books - just because a main character in a book is a girl does not automatically make it toxic for boys. Even the young ones.

Would your kids, whether girls or boys, like Head Rush?


  1. Alas, my boys are too young still. But I'm pretty sure my 12-year-old girl would enjoy this.

  2. @Adam The 12yo girl in me loves it! :)

  3. I think my 15 year old will really like this show

  4. Hi Susan - we share a family name so you must have Irish blood (my mother's maiden name was Quinn). And Ifound you via the BBQ - drop by and visit and follow - I'll follow your blog too. I love Myth Busters as do my adult sons! Great to see planes being depressurised to see if people really get sucked out - or how far you can catapult a car!
    All the best, Catherine.

  5. Well, my son is 31 so I don't know! *laugh* . . . but it does sound interesting :-D

  6. I don't have kids of my own, but I have nieces and nephews! My nephews would definitely be into this show. My oldest would be precisely because it has all three things he is into - science, blowing stuff up and GIRL(s). My niece a girlie girl who is into dress up and tea parties and all those stay clean little activities. She's not so much into blow up. I would have loved this show growing up. I had four brothers and was a total tomboy. I loved to be out there destroying things with them!

  7. Definitely - my son would enjoy this - what's not to like :) Blowing stuff up is always good!

  8. @Clarissa I'm thinking teen boys will be FLOCKING to this. :)

    @Catherine I've got Irish on both sides (Quinns and Campbells), and enough Polish (Durlaks) to make things interesting. Thanks for stopping by! :)

    @Kathryn I'm pretty sure 30yo males will like it too. :)

    @Jennie Probably not the girly-girls, but then you never know. I'm not giving up on my nieces yet. :)

    @Jemi I know, right?? :)

  9. I've never heard of either show, but I'm sure all my kids would enjoy them. Including the boys. :)

  10. I've never heard of Head Rush by my husband and I are true fans of Myth Busters so I'm DVR'ing now!

  11. I hadn't heard this! I LOVE Mythbusters though, so I'm sure this will be great too.

  12. I hadn't heard of Head Rush! But we love Myth Busters in this house, so if there's another show with things being blown up in the name of science, we're going to have to watch it!

  13. Yes, I think either my boys and def. my girl would like this.

  14. @Sharon I had a friend ask me recently how I had so much time to have fun! LOL

    @Stina You've got to check it out! :)

    @Jen Yay! A convert. :)

    @Vicki Head Rush is like Mythbusters with even more awesome.

    @Sherrie I wish I could come visit your house! It sounds like so much fun there! :)

    @Laura I'm surprised how many people say the girls would like it too - go, Girl Power! :)


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