Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gifting Books to Kids - Part 1

I love giving books to kids.

Honestly, I love giving books to anyone that has a chance of actually reading the book, and many who don't. This was something I did long before I saw it as my personal contribution toward keeping the publishing industry afloat.

You can find plenty of Book Gift Guides for preschoolerskids and teens for the holidays, but I often have a hard time matching books to people. So, I thought I'd put together a small Gifting Books list based on the type of person you're giving them to. See if you recognize anyone on your list...

For The Young Science Geek
Have a kid whose nose is always in non-fiction tales from medieval weaponry to the anatomy of frogs? One whose favorite computer game is Crazy Machines II, or who takes apart appliances in your house with alarming facility? Give them these ...

  • User's Guide to the Universe - which answers questions like Is it possible to build a Star Trek-type transporter or a working time machine? Works well for adults geeks as well as smarty pants kids.
  • Any of Michio Kaku's books - our favorite physicist has books! How did I not know this before? With titles like Physics of the Impossible and Parallel Worlds these books are sure to keep your young Geek enthralled.
  • Any of these Top 10 Sci-Tech Books for kids

For The Budding Military Strategist
Have a child who spends an extraordinary amount of time playing Stratego or RPGs (role playing games)? Do they like to devise their own codes and delight in giving you things written in gnomish sans the decoding key? Give them these ...
  • Leviathan series - set in World War I and pitting the Clankers vs. the Darwinists these stories are challenging, yet accessible re-tellings of the political landscape that launched the war. Also, they're just plain fun
  • The Hunchback Assignments series - set in Victorian England, these books have mystery and intrigue with secret societies and shapeshifting spies. Everything your budding spook will love.
  • Only You Can Save Mankind - a hilarious, yet somber, look at war-as-video game and video games-as-war. Dry British wit gives the proper flavor that every aspiring spy should have.

For The Soft Hearted Free Thinker
Have a child who is greatly concerned about injustices large and small? Who thinks that third grade is fraught with more danger than any story with dragons and elves ever could be? One who is concerned for that doggie left in a car on a hot afternoon day? Give them these ...
I'm having so much fun with this list, I'll have to continue it tomorrow ...


  1. thank you for linking to us! I love your recipient descriptions!

  2. Great suggestions! I have a reader who loved Savvy so look forward to Frindle and Justin Case. I may buy an e-reader (the Kobo is sweet) and pre-load it with books.

  3. @Erin You are most welcome! Thanks for the holiday picks!

    @Capability A pre-loaded e-reader! What an awesome idea!!

  4. How about putting the Alvin Ho books (by Lenore Look) in the Soft-Hearted Free Thinker category?They're about a worry wart trying to survive second grade--and they're laugh-out-loud funny!

  5. thanks Susan! I'm always looking for a new book for my girls. Savvy sounds perfect~ :o)

  6. I can match at least one book on your list to each of my 3 kiddos. Woo-hoo! Great round-up, Susan. :-)

  7. @IronGuy Thanks for the rec! I wish I'd known about the worrywart books when my oldest was younger! :)

    @LTM Savvy is very cute - and there's the sequel out now (Scumble)!

    @Shannon Isn't it funny how they're all different? :)

  8. Thanks for the list! Savvy is one that caught my eye at the library. The cover alone is gorgeous.

    A book series I added to my 13 year old's list is Scott Pilgrim---it's a graphic novel, but he is eating them up so I'm all for it.

  9. Ooooh! Thanks for this :) I have only 8 and under to buy for but I'm determined to be THAT aunt :) Plus, I'm always looking for new and interesting stuff to read myself. *ahem*

  10. @Nicki I loved Scott Pilgrim the Movie! I'll have to look for the graphic novel. :)

    @LT My under-eight picks are coming in Part 2! And I love that you're that aunt! :)


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