Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Sale of Romance Books! is having a site-wide sale of all their books, 50% off today and tomorrow (sale ends 5/30 11:59 pm). All of Omnific Publishing's books (my publisher!) are carried by AllRomance, including my book Life, Liberty, and Pursuit:

Life, Liberty, and Pursuit (a teen love story)

E-book: SALE price $3.50 (regularly $6.99)

Life, Liberty, and Pursuit is a story about a college-bound girl who falls in love with a Navy recruit and has to choose between keeping true to her dreams and having the courage to love.

My novel is young adult (one flame on heat level), and there are many low flame young adult novels on AllRomance, but be warned: AllRomance is definitely an adult site.

Cuddling up with a new book over the long weekend sounds just right to me. I hope my book finds its way into the hands of a few more military personnel and warms some hearts on this chilly Memorial Day weekend (at least in Chicago).

THANK YOU to all the veterans who have given so much to serve our country!


  1. Hi, Susan.

    Not long after I started blogging, I "won" a copy of your book. I'd like to purchase the ebook now, though. I love to read on my Kindle, and I also like to support my blogger friends.

    However, when I go to check out on the publisher's site, I have to have a code. Maybe I'm doing something incorrectly, which often happens!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  2. @Ann Thank you so much for your support! If you are checking out and it's asking for the "CVV2/CVC2 Code" that means the three digit code on the back of your credit card. It's an extra security measure. After you make the purchase, the 50% rebate should apply. Let me know if that doesn't work, and I will double check with my publisher.

    Thanks again! :)

  3. OOOOHHHH I know what I'm going to do today. *Searches for book money*
    Oh and btw, I answer (hopefully doing a good job) your questions on my blog today. ;D

  4. And it's an awesome book!!! Love love love it!

    I'll be thinking of you on my cruise next week. LOL! omg. :D <3

  5. @LTM I hope your cruise is amazing! You deserve it!! :)


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