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Warrior Faeries and Math Magick
In Faery Swapwarrior faeries steal mathematical knowledge from humans to enhance their magickal faery powers. I'm passionate about this message - that knowledge is power and math is magick - so I created a Virtual Author Visit, activities, and a card-based game, so any teacher, anywhere on the planet, could share this message with their students.
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9 minute Virtual Author Visit Video

This dynamic video brings Author and Rocket Scientist Susan Kaye Quinn (Ph.D. Engineering) into your classroom, sharing her background in science and engineering and talking about her book, Faery Swap, where warrior faeries steal mathematical knowledge from humans to enhance their magickal faery powers. Then she shows how humans use math in the real world to do amazing things... even without magick to help them.

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Middle Grade Fantasy
Warrior faeries can be very stubborn.
Especially when they possess your body.
Fourteen-year-old Finn is tricked into swapping places with a warrior faery prince and has to find his way back home before the dimensional window between their worlds slams shut.

Discussion Questions, Cause and Effect, Character Analysis
With the help of teacher-friend Risa Cohen, I designed a Teacher's Guide to go with the video. These grade-level-specific activities follow Common Core Math standards and are designed to follow-up what students learn in the video, using the Faery Swap story to reveal the power of math and science in everyday modern life.

A card-based game where students break into groups representing different Faery Houses and compete to gain points by convincing a Human (teacher) to give them Knowledge Cards. The 17 equations used to create the easy-to-print Knowledge Cards are based on the 17 Equations That Changed The World and give information about what each equation does, who invented it, and how it is used in modern everyday life.
Always keep learning... just in case!

Susan Kaye Quinn is the author of the bestselling Mindjack Trilogy, which is young adult science fiction, and several adult fiction stories. Faery Swap is her foray into middle grade, which is her first writing love. Her business card says "Author and Rocket Scientist" and she always has more speculative fiction fun in the works. You can subscribe to her newsletter (hint: new subscribers get a free short story!) to see what she's up to.

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