Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Llama, Sad Llama ...

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Last year, my kids invented Llama hand signals** and a chant-song to go with them. If you think this is strange, you've never had a 3rd - 6th grader. They seem to live for this stuff.

**okay so apparently my kids didn't invent this and EVERYONE does it. But this is their variant. Still cool. :)

Happy Llama

Sad Llama

Mentally Disturbed Llama
(I swear I'm not making this up)

Super Llama

Spy Llama

Mad Llama


These are kissing llamas - they have nothing to do with the song.

If that doesn't make you smile this weekend, I can't help you.

More llama fun to come!

p.s. Thanks to Mighty Mite for the Llama demonstrations. He approves of everything here, except the kissing llamas.


  1. Did they put this up on YouTube? I was teaching last summer in an academic camp and my students started doing the Llama chant. I am in South Carolina.
    So, it spread. It is very catchy.

  2. Too cute! My kids don't do the hand shape/shadow thing. No idea why not.

  3. @June And here I was, thinking the kids made it up! They must have seen it on YouTube and mutated it into their own. I am rather glad to see my guys substituted "mentally disturbed" Llama for "mentally retarded" Llama (which is offensive) - I sense some teacher direction in there somewhere. It does speak to how things "catch fire" with kids these days - no one's disconnected anymore.

    @Stina Maybe it's a US thing? :)

  4. My favorite was the moose!

    And I can't even say the word "llama" in my classroom without the students doing that chant thing. Cracks me up every time! Thanks for starting our day off with a chuckle, Susan!

  5. I cannot BELIEVE Dark Omen would approve of the llamas kissing... ;p

    Actually, my children do that! But theirs are cats! And your "angry llama" is how they make dogs. Kids are so darned funny!!!

    Merry Christmas~ <3

  6. @Darby Wow, it really is universal! Awesome.

    @LTM They are so creative, those darn kids. And I was shocked that the kissing was allowed too. :)

  7. Why don't I know about the llama chant? Oh, no! I'm missing out on something cool! :-(

    Loved the moose!! :-)

  8. @Everyone If you're looking to procrastinate on your holiday shopping and laugh yourself silly, type "Happy Llama, Sad Llama" in YouTube. They're all different, and hilarious. /endpublicserviceannouncement

  9. SO funny! Hopping off to youtube now, because you can never have too much laughter.

  10. @Everyone Don't forget to enter the Llama-comment-o-rama for a chance to win a Who's Your Llama? t-shirt! Ends today 6p PLT (Pacific Llama Time).

  11. @Everyone The results are in for the Who's Your Llama t-shirt contest and donations! Thanks to everyone who participated, and click here to see the update! :)

  12. ohhh i LOVE the llama chant!!! but up here we do it a little differently...

    it goes happy llama, sad llama, mentally distorted llama, super llama, kissy llama, big fat mama llama, MOOSE!!!! haha this is a great chant :)

  13. @Anon LOL! I think there are a million different variations of this one! :)


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