Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So, this happened...
There's a street out there somewhere.


The kids are ecstatic (SNOW DAY!), but there's not much to do until the world melts or gets plowed.

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If you're in the Storm Zone, stay warm and safe! 

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  1. That's what we look like too! Enjoy the snow day!

  2. Yeah, we just got blasted with ice and snow all night. And, weirdly, I'm missing work, and I only had my first day at the new job yesterday. Luckily everyone was expecting this, and so I hopefully won't look like too much of a git.

    Waiting for the sun...

  3. Your first picture could be my front yard! This is the first snow day I've had in a couple of years, and I'm looking forward a day of writing (okay, maybe some Wii games too).

  4. I know it brings headaches but it is so pretty! Here it is just cold cold cold. A few flakes would be nice...

  5. @Laura The hubs: "Do we have gas for the snowblower?" Erm...was that my job? Oops. :)

    @Bryan Better a git than a gitsicle. Here's where the mighty town of Windsor gets to prove their snowplowing stuff! :) Stay warm.

    @Andrea Yay for writing! I think I'm going to spend it on the couch, nursing my cold.

    @Jenna I hate the cold. Loathe it. You can have some of my snow! :)

  6. The snow was piled up (blown) four feet high against our garage this morning! Thank goodness for our snow blower/driving lawn mower....and my great hubby who blew the snow off.

    Stays safe, Sue.

  7. yup. that's what it looks like here too! third snow day in a row for the kiddos. i think i'm going to try to get my eli to review a couple of books over there at that guy books blog...

  8. My Montana students and my own kiddos are jealous that we aren't getting the blizzard. Kids! :-)

  9. Oh my. You're in the midwest. My recently deceased sister and husband lived in Naperville near Chicago, and two of their married children do. Last year I got to my sis's funeral through snow and below zero temps. I don't know now how I did it!! And now here's a storm that has closed schools in Chicago; and bloggers like you who say they're buried in the snow. Yes, children love it. So I hope they enjoy it, and that you all stay safe!
    Ann Best, Author

  10. AHHH! This happened to me too! The snow is over my kneecaps and given that we live on a tiny, one way street. . . we may never get plowed out!

  11. @Sharon Stay warm!! :)

    @aspiring Third snow day?? That's when I officially start to lose my mind. :) Iron Guy Carl would love a couple more reviewers!

    @Shannon Montana ... jealous of Chicago ... for snow ... that has to be a first! :)

    @Ann Naperville is very close to here! We're snug inside and the kids are having a blast digging snow tunnels. :) I'm just glad I don't have to go anywhere.

  12. @Lindsay Yup, they always plow the little streets last...I am laughing a little inside with the hullabaloo about our 2-4 feet of snow. When I lived in the Rockie's, we'd get 6 feet of snow - I might have to tell that story sometime...

  13. That's what it looks like here as well--it's snowing as I type!

    Thanks for all the giveaway links!

  14. We don't have snow here in TX, but that's only because it hasn't precipitated yet. I haven't been this cold in years!!

    As a side note- this is the third blog I've read today that started out "So this happened"
    Is this is meme I'm not aware of or something?

  15. We didn't even get snow and they cancelled school yesterday! I grew up in the mountains, and only once in my entire public school education did we have a so-called snow day. My dad had to shovel the snow on the lawn (making piles further away) so he had somewhere to put the snow on the driveway. That's a REAL snowstorm.

  16. hi miss susan! wow you got what we had a while ago. we got all shut down for a whole week. we couldnt get down our dive way cause of all that ice. we just stayed inside and got each other crazy. ha ha. hope your staying real warm.
    ...hugs from lenny

  17. Enjoy all that snow for us! Sending warm thoughts your way :)

  18. We had a Snow Day yesterday too. I find it so hard to write with everyone around. Back to business today for us!

  19. @Eagle I hope the snowing has stopped by now! We're all sparkly and new here now. ;)

    @Queen I think there must be a lot of midwestern bloggers!

    @Becky You're not kidding! When we lived in Colorado, they only closed down the schools/roads once in 4 years - and that was something like 10 feet of snow in 12 hours. It think it's all what you're prepared for (in terms of snow plows and fortitude).

    @Lenny I used to live in Cincinnati and we would get WICKED ice storms - much more dangerous than the snow we got here! Stay warm and safe!

    @Sherrie Do you get the big winds up in Solvang, or is that just in So. Cal.?

    @Sheri Yes, there's not much writing getting done today either (Day 2 of the SNOW DAYS).

  20. We're just frozen. I can't wait for June. Really.

  21. @Leisha The snow at least can be fun. It's March that I truly hate (rain, cold, slush, no warmth in sight). I vote for early June as well!


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